All-Star Taxi was founded in May of 2010 by Tom Galusha. He saw the need for a high end taxicab company that offered large 7 passenger SUV taxicabs in order to transport large groups with luggage and ski equipment from the Reno Airport to the Lake Tahoe Area. Prior to All-Star Taxi opening, visitors with groups of 4 or more passengers with luggage and ski equipment coming to the North Lake Tahoe area had to either squeeze into a taxicab that was simply too small for their needs, or pay a premium for an Executive SUV private car service chartered through one of the Reno limousine companies. There simply was no alternative that fit in between these two choices. With All-Star’s Suburban and Yukon XL taxicabs, you can rest assured that you will have plenty of space for all your passengers and ample trunk space for your belongings, without having to pay a premium for a private executive car service.

All-Star Taxi began with just one Suburban taxicab and has now quickly expanded to four Suburban taxicabs. No other taxicab company in North Lake Tahoe currently possesses as many of these large SUV taxicabs as All-Star Taxi. From the start, Tom set out to raise the bar for the taxicab industry in North Lake Tahoe. All-Star Taxi puts larger, newer vehicles on the road when compared to other North Lake Tahoe taxicab companies. Each of these vehicles is meticulously maintained from top to bottom – from brakes to shocks, to fuel pumps, water pumps, batteries, alternators, and heavy duty snow wiper blades. At the start of each winter season, each 4 wheel drive vehicle receives a new set of studded snow tires. All drivers have clean driving records with no accidents or tickets, no DUI arrests or convictions, pass a drug test annually, and drivers receive one on one winter driver training with Tom, who now has 8 years of daily winter driving under his belt. The vehicles each receive an annual vehicle inspection by a California State Certified Inspection Shop.

We are proud to report, that after nearly 5 years in business, the company has had zero at fault accidents with over half a million miles logged, and safely completes between 600 to 800 trips to and from the Reno Airport annually.